Annual Convention

The AALS Annual Convention is held each year at Easter, through a host Society, The convention is held in a different State each year and attracts large numbers of enthusiasts and locomotives from all over Australia and overseas. At the convention, various meetings are held and awards are presented.

2017 Award Winners

Southern Federation of Model Engineering Societies Great Britain Trophy
2017 Gerardus Mol MELSA Maryborough QR PB15 5 inch gauge

Bolton Trophy award
2017 Barry Potter NSWGR 24 class 5 OSME NSW

Sydney Society of Model Engineers Trophy for the Most Popular Locomotive
2017 Timothy (Ted) Lee GMSLA 7 ¼ inch gauge Fairmont Inspector’s Trike

The Tullamarine Trophy
2017 Not awarded

DNC Systems Technologies Shield for the Best First Attempt
2017 Damien Outram NDMES 7 ¼ inch gauge freelance electric loco

AME Under 25 Encouragement Award
2017 Zac Lee SLSLS 5 inch gauge 4-wheel guards’ van

Warner Award for a Steam Locomotive Built by the Owner
2017 James Sanders SLSLS 5 inch gauge Manning Wardle loco

SASMEE Award for the best Non Steam Australian Prototypical Locomotive
2017 Peter Nixon - TVMSR - 7 ¼ inch gauge QR 1700 class diesel loco

Hugh Elsol Memorial Award
This award, sponsored by Ian and Catherine Bowering, was introduced in 2017, and is awarded for best small locomotive on the elevated track.
2017 Steve Morris LMLSLS 5 inch gauge "Lion"

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The Awards presented are:-

Bolton Trophy

Best Australian prototype model


Entry Form

SSME Trophy

Most popular model



DNC Systems Technologies Shield

Best first attempt


Entry Form

Tullamarine Award

Best steam powered model road vehicle



Southern Federation Award

For outstanding contribution to the hobby



Australian Model Engineering

Under 25's Encouragement Award


 See AME

Warner Trophy

Best owner built steam loco running at the convention.




Best Non Steam Australian Prototypical Locomotive


Entry Form

Rules For The Hugh Elsol Memorial Award

Best locomotive seen running on the elevated track at the Annual AALS Convention



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2016-03-30 159.JPG

5 inch steaming bays.

2016-03-30 165.JPG

7-1/4" steaming bays.

2018 Convention

Northern Districts MES and SWME (WA)
Forest Park railway, Blair St, Bunbury WA

2019 Convention
Queensland Society of Model & Experimental Engineers
122 Warner Road, Warner QLD

Updated 1 May 2017