AMBSC Code Part 4 (Index Only)

AMBSC Code Part 4 (Index Only)

Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee

Issue 1-2010: Duplex Steel Boilers



Section 1 General Requirements
1.1 Scope
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Definitions

Section 2 Material
2.1 Duplex Steel S31803
2.2 Welding materials

Section 3 Design
3.1 Compliance
3.2 Design Approval
3.3 Barrels, Shells and Plates
3.4 Tubes and Flues
3.5 Firebox Water Spaces
3.6 Tubeplates
3.7 Stays and Stayed Surfaces
3.8 Bushes, Mountings and Domes
3.9 Superheaters

Section 4 Construction
4.1 General
4.1.1a Example of Duplex Steel Boiler assembly
4.1.2a Typical Firebox Stays
4.2 Joint Design
4.3 GTA Welding and Weld Preparation

Section 5 Fittings
5.1 Safety Valves
5.2 Pressure Gauges
5.3 Water Gauges
5.4 Feedwater Systems
5.5 Blowdown Valves
5.6 Washout Plugs
5.7 Fusible Plugs
5.8 Valves

Section 6 Support
6.1 Boiler Support Description and Drawings

Section 7 Inspection and Testing
7.1 Inspection
7.2 Testing
7.3 Retesting
7.4 Rejection

Section 8 Imported Boilers
8.1 Imported Boilers

Section 9 Operation
9.1 Water Quality
9.2 Water Level
9.3 Raising Steam
9.4 Loss of Water or other Incidents
9.5 Shutting Down

Section 10 Administration
10.1 Registration of New Clubs or Societies
10.2 Winding Up
10.3 Change of Ownership or Disposal of Boiler or Air Receiver

Appendix 1
AMBSC Boiler Inspector Qualifications

Appendix 2
Examples of AMBSC Forms

Appendix 3
AMBSC Registered Societies

Appendix 4
Typical Design Submission Requirements for Regulatory Design Registration

Appendix 5
Commercial Supply

Appendix 6
Suggested Welding Sequence for Duplex Steel Miniature Locomotive Boiler (for copying)

Appendix 7
Welding Procedure (for copying)

Appendix 8
Typical GTA Welded Joints (for copying)

Total of 48 pages

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