AMBSC Code Part 3 (Index Only)

AMBSC Code Part 3 (Index Only)

Australian Miniature Boiler Safety Committee

Issue 1-2006: Sub-Miniature Boilers



Section 1 General Requirements
1.1 Scope
1.2 Purpose
1.3 Definitions

Section 2 Boilers
2.1 General
2.2 Design, Approval & Rejection
2.3 Low Pressure Boilers
2.4 Medium Pressure Boilers
2.5 Coal Fired Boilers

Section 3 Fittings
3.1 General
3.2 Safety Valves
3.3 Pressure Gauges
3.4 Water Level Indicators

Section 4 New Boilers
4.1 Built to Code Boilers
4.2 Code Compliant Boilers

Section 5 Existing Boilers
5.1 Boilers That Have Previously Held Certificates
5.2 Other Boilers

Section 6 Inspection and Testing
6.1 Null
6.2 Equipment for Hydraulic Testing
6.3 Equipment for Pneumatic Testing
6.4 Hydraulic Test
6.5 Interpretation of Visual Observations
6.6 Steam Test

Section 7 Standards
7.1 Low Pressure Boilers
7.2 Medium Pressure Boilers
7.3 Repaired or Rebuilt Boilers
7.4 Copper Boilers
7.5 Brass Boilers

Section 8 Certification
8.1 Certificate categories
8.2 Class 1 Certificate: ‘Built to Code Boiler’
8.3 Class 2 Certificate: ‘Code Compliant Boiler’
8.4 Class 2 Certificate: ‘Low Pressure Boiler’ (Steam Toy)

Section 9 Operation
9.1 Boiler Water
9.2 Easing of Safety Valves
9.3 Dry Boiler

Appendix 1
Boiler Certificate (Sub-miniature Boilers)
AMBSC Boiler Record

Appendix 2
Boiler Type Diagrams

Appendix 3
AMBSC Sub-miniature Boiler Inspector Qualifications

Appendix 4
AMBSC Registered Societies

Total of 32 pages (including covers)

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