This page is the latest information from AALS, AMBSC & ALSSC. It will contain circulars, advice, and notices of motion that are being put to Societies for determination.

Comment is encouraged! Remember that motions are voted on by your Society. Be aware, raise the issue at your meetings, discuss it with your fellow members and ensure your directors submit a vote that represents the view of the members. The Association is there for the benefit of Societies.

November 2019

Draft Outcomes from the ALSSC Consultation Process

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Update 10/9/2018. In response to recent discussion (including social media), minor revisions have been made to the draft proposals, and an Explanatory Note added. Societies are encouraged to compare the proposals with their existing practices and forward any comments to the AALS Safety Committee.

Two schematics that are typical of petrol, diesel electric locomotives operating at Castledare Miniature Railways Inc (CMR), These have now operated very well over many years. These maybe of help if included in the the electrical code as a guide to electrical lay out for petrol, diesel electric locomotives operating in the 0 to 50 VDC and 0 to 200 A range. Comments and items shown in RED are to be added to bring the CMR locomotives in line with the draft electrical code.

August 2018

Proposed updates to the minimum requirements for train braking.

Your comments on the following two items are invited before 26 October 2018. One is a replacement for the existing section 4 of the Interoperability Code of Practice. It is planned to submit this (after final editing) for adoption by members at the 2019 AALS AGM. The other is a guideline to help societies understand the proposed requirements.

Submissions for discussion on the proposed Electric Systems Code of Practice

Submissions received date are shown below. Again, your comments are invited before 26 October 2018. After that date a proposed Code will be prepared and put to the 2019 AALS AGM for adoption.

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